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Wellness Is About Having Your Ducks In A Row

Imagine you have a sleep duck, an emotional duck, a relationship duck, a work duck, an exercise duck, a diet duck, etc.  If you want to be well, all of these ducks need to be in line.

When one duck gets out of line badly enough it will start to pull the others out as well.  For example if you suddenly lose the ability to sleep it won't take long until your exercise, work, relationships, etc. start to suffer.  

People tend to have a favorite duck that they work on preferentially.  Sadly, if you're suppressing a lot of emotion no amount of kale will fix it!

My work is to figure out which duck is making the trouble and to help you get it back in line.

Exercise Is Only Part Of Integrative Wellness

Although I started with personal training and continue to do a lot of it, my work has expanded into many different areas.  I chose this path because I found that people's ability to exercise was largely determined by their overall lifestyle (ducks).  People would generally give it their all during a session.  The question is how much did they have to give?

The answer is determined by how they've been living in the days leading up to their session.

The other thing that has driven my learning is a burning desire to understand myself and my fellow humans.  Human beings are fascinatingly complex creates and therefore need a complex approach to creating wellness.

The Only Thing That Limits Us Is Us

The longer I do this work the more I realize that we are the ones who choose whether or not we will be well.  Most of us don't realize that we get to choose or how to choose.

Let me help you to see the choice, understand the choice, and to choose wisely!

Most of what our lives look and feel like comes down to beliefs.  Beliefs are extremely powerful and thankfully easy enough to change with the right approach.  It's important to understand that nothing about us is immutable.  Anything that has been done can be undone and/or redone in a much healthier way.



My sessions vary greatly but may include:

  • Exercise (I tend to focus on Kettlebell and functional bodyweight exercises)
  • Mind quieting
  • Figuring out the root cause of injury or pain and addressing it
  • Addressing limiting beliefs and blocked energy with a Shamanic approach
  • Clearing blocked emotions
  • Etc.

How Does This Work?

  • Some clients come to Victory Central.  Other clients welcome me and my massage table (slab) into their home.
  • Sessions last between 45min and 2hrs
  • I don't do late.  Expect me to show up 5min early.
  • I believe in (self) compassion while at the same time getting out of our own way.
  • I believe in education.  The better my clients understand themselves what they are experiencing the better choices they can make. 

Be Prepared For Change

I believe in effective methods that have stood the test of time.  Be ready to change.  Some sessions will have a 'hangover' effect.  This can be sore muscles from a good workout or the detoxing that happens after a significant shift in energy.  You were warned!


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